Natividad: The gem of the East

Natividad in Pangasinan is one of the underrated towns/destinations located in the eastern part of the province. Since Pangasinan is more known of its beaches, tourists often visit the towns in the west where Hundred Islands and Bolinao(Patar Beach)is located, not knowing that there is a hidden gem in the eastern part of the province. Continue Reading

Cagayan Food Crawl: A flavorful summer experience – Part 2

cagayan food crawl

When we first went to Cagayan for the Cagayan Food Crawl, all we are seeing was panciterias that offer Pansit Batil Patong – a local Cagayan noodle dish. So, we thought that Cagayan Food Crawl will be a battle of Panciteria. But, we are surprised when different restaurants confirm and reaching out to be part of Cagayan Food Crawl.

Here is the 2nd list of the must try restaurants in Tuguegarao. Continue Reading

Cagayan Food Crawl: A flavorful summer experience – Part 1

cagayan food crawlAfter the success of Pangasinan Food Crawl, Norte Bloggers immediately organized a version of it in Cagayan that aims not only to discover foods and restaurant in Cagayan but to help in promoting the local food industry in the province.

10 bloggers from different parts of Luzon joined the Cagayan Food Crawl with 18 restaurants and more than a hundred of dishes served. It was a 2 day and 1-night feast of delicious cuisines and authentic Cagayan dishes. Continue Reading

San Fernando Station: A remnant of the past

NCCA Caravan cum Seminar

San Fernando City Pampanga is popularly known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines because of the handcrafted and colorful giant lanterns that are gloriously displayed during the holidays. But aside from this, San Fernando City is also a cultural heritage city where preserved old houses and the San Fernando Railway station can be found. Continue Reading

Cordillera: A haven of arts, culture and heritage

NCCA Caravan Cum Seminar

One thing admirable about the Cordillera people is how they preserve their culture and heritage, and their passion in supporting local artists. This can be testified by the museums and villages that showcase their rich culture and heritage as well as events that promote local Cordilleran artistry.  Not like on other parts of the country, Cordillerans still perform their rituals and traditions, and continues to wear their traditional clothing. Continue Reading

Ilocos: The home of ancient cultural history

NCCA Caravan Cum Seminar

Ilocos region is blessed not only with natural wonders but also with a rich culture, history, and heritage. The provinces of the region are known for their heritage sites that are recognized by UNESCO, making them popular provinces in the country. Continue Reading

Cagayan: The Faith tourism capital of the North

NCCA Caravan Cum Seminar Cagayan

The province of Cagayan nestles at the northeastern tip of Luzon, occupying the lower basin of the Cagayan River. Cagayan is blessed with beautiful destinations making the province as one of the most visited provinces in the region. But aside from the adventure-filled and pristine beaches the province can offer, Cagayan also plays a significant role in the history of Christianity in the country. Continue Reading

Pangasinan Food Crawl: Discovering Pangasinan’s best places to eat.

Pangasinan Food Crawl

Pangasinan Food Crawl was a two-day gastronomic adventure; a feast of Pangasinan’s best cuisines. We visited 16 restaurants in Dagupan, Lingayen and Alaminos to discover different delicacies, heirloom recipes, and authentic Pangasinan dishes. It was not a typical food trip. Imagine visiting 16 restaurants! #Foodcoma is real! But we all definitely enjoyed it! Pangasinan Food Crawl was indeed a flavorful two-day feast! Continue Reading

Star Monica Hotel: Your home away from home

Star Monica Hotel LingayenA crucial part of traveling is choosing where to stay. We want it to be comfy yet affordable, secured yet a good place to be carefree. We want a place that feels like home.

In Lingayen, we found a place that suits this characteristic–a home away from home.

Located in Quibaol, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Star Monica Hotel offers homey rooms and services at an affordable price. Continue Reading

Exploring Isabela, the Queen Province of the North

I didn’t know that much about Isabela aside from it being one of the major sources of the crops we eat, hence, I was lukewarm on the idea of visiting the province. Plus, I wasn’t seeing a lot of posts about Isabela on my Instagram newsfeed that was why the excitement wasn’t that great. But who was I to surmise. Continue Reading

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