Mapita: The hidden gem of Aguilar

Compared to other destinations in Pangasinan, Mapita in Aguilar is not that popular. For many, Aguilar is known only for its crops and native delicacies.

Mapita is a sitio of Laoag in Aguilar which is located along the Mapita Mountain Range which serves as the boundary between Pangasinan and Zambales.

If you love nature, trekking, camping, quiet places, Mapita is a must try destination. They say Mapita’s summit is to die for, because of its panoramic view and the beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to witness that, because I had to leave earlier to plan for my hectic schedule the next day.

What we tried was the Talya Talyasi Falls and the lagoon. It will take you an hour and a half of travelling from the town proper to the drop off point. Along the way you will fall in love with the panoramic view of the mountains there are points where you can see the rice fields below. Before starting the trek to the falls, we rested for a bit and took selfies. Who can resist taking photos with that beautiful view as background?!

We walked down to the falls for almost an hour. It was a bit tiring, but it was worth it. The sound of the swift swirling sound from the azure water of the falls plus the cold fresh air were relaxing. Upon seeing the view, you will instantly feel replenished.

After eating lunch, we went swimming and taking photos. The water was cold and clear. If you don’t know how to swim like me, just stay at the shallow part of the lagoon. From the top of the falls, we went down to the swimming area which was thrilling. You just need to be extra careful to avoid getting bruised.

The falls seemed to be divided into two portions—the upper and the lower. We swam in the upper portion. According to locals, there was a time that people could go down and swim in the lower portion, but the route going there is already gone.

Aside from swimming and relaxing at the falls you could also try jumping into the lagoon. I didn’t try it, as I’m not a good swimmer. I was already happy with the view while swimming.

I will definitely go back to that place, but I will make sure to try trekking up to the summit.


  1. Bring food and water. There are no stores along the way.
  2. Morning is the best time to go there. It will be so hot to walk in the afternoon.
  3. Coordinate with the tourism office of Aguilar
  4. It is recommended to bring a car; tricycle can’t go up to drop off point. The road is concrete, so it’s okay to drive with your own ride. Motorcycle is an option.
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