Remembering “ Broadcasting from Pangasinan to the World”

This was our blurb when we started Pangasinan Watch, a news program delivering news to the province of Pangasinan. That was our ticket to fame. It was 2015 when we planned to put up an online news channel in Pangasinan. We called it Pangasinan Watch.

From there we provided news to our community and province mates. We were grateful for the acceptance, support and follows by the community. We grew with them. Because of them.

And now its time to fly, from a tiny fish in a small pond, we grew as a news team to a company. We have incorporated to become Shareable Inc., publisher of Pangasinan Watch to Shareable News. We are now ready to serve new territories, new communities, new horizons.

From a news team of 5, we have now doubled that number and continue to increase as days go by. From Pangasinan to the world is now “Broadcasting from Northern Luzon to the world.”

Flashback to Pangasinan Watch’  Day 1, its nostalgic. We wish to thank the people of Pangasinan for embracing us in the early days. We will always remember how you’ve engaged with us, reported to us, shared with us things that concern you, worried you, kept you awake at night, made you angry, violated your rights as peaceful citizens of Pangasinan.









Now we take a bow. Thank you Pangasinan, you made us strong so we can serve more communities, more provinces. We will forever be indebted to you.

Rest assured that this rebranding will not change us. You will still be our priority. You will still be our ally. We will still serve you to the best of our abilities.

You will still be our anchor community. Because you made us grow by being our roots.

Hi I’m Reginald Agsalon but you can call me “Reg”. Blogging is one of my passion – i love to tell stories and share my adventures and experiences.
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