Bloggers’ Reunion
This is actually my 5th Blogapalooza and every year, I have the opportunity to meet and connect to other bloggers and content creators in the country. In my 5 years of attending the annual event, I found new friendships and every year, Blogapalooza became our way to reunite and bond. I remember the night after the event, we were a group of 20 bloggers from different blogging groups in the country in one hotel room talking, laughing, and asking random questions. It was a simple yet memorable night. Thanks to Blogapalooza for making it happen.

New Friendships
Yes, Blogapalooza doesn’t only connect bloggers to businesses but bloggers to fellow bloggers as well. Each year, I meet new people and hear new stories that motivate me to strive further and be better in this industry. But this year is another story because I had a chance to meet more bloggers all over the country.

Topics and Speakers
To be honest, I don’t stay much on the discussions during Blogapalooza event and rather choose to stroll along the booths for networking or talk with fellow bloggers. But this year, I stayed majority of the day listening to the resource speakers and panel discussions. I believe I only missed one panel discussion because I am starving and needed to eat for lunch. I have three favorite topics on the Blogapalooza event this year. First is the panel discussion with the vloggers Jamill, Emman Nimedez, and Viy Cortez. Their panel discussion was very natural. They talked about how to grow your Youtube following, what content to be posted, and the struggles in creating content that viewers can appreciate.

For its 8th year, Blogapalooza has yet again successfully staged a fun and excitement filled blogger-to-business event. And this year for me, is one of the best and most memorable to date, for some reasons.

I also enjoyed the talk of Nix Eniego of Social Media Academy. He is very kind to spill some tricks in growing our Instagram following.

But my favorite is the talk of Miko David of David & Golyat as he taught us the use and importance of the metrics in listening to the market, machine learning, and content planning to have successful digital campaigns.

Blogapalooza today has evolved from a blogger-to-business event to a get together of the Philippine blogging community. It is just not a blogging event but a family that is growing and going stronger year by year.

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